CNC Machining

CNC Machining

200 sets high precision CNC machine, covering turning, drilling, milling, broaching,grinding, wire EDM etc. all machining process.Machined prototypes and production parts in as fast as 1-3 days

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Crimping, bending, ironing & pressing, laser cutting, punching etc. process.



Clear/color anodizing, harden anodizing, chemical oxidation, sulphuric acid anodizing, phosphoric anodizing, blasting, brushed, polish, plating, passivation etc. Multiple surface finishes.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating, painting, 10,000 grade clean workshop



Bolt fastening, welding, riveting, bonding etc process, ERP & EMS management system, bar coding and scanning to ensure the traceability.



For flawless applications, the aircraft and aerospace components require the highest precision & exacting accuracy. Jinming certified with AS9100D provide component meeting or exceed your quality standards.



Automotive factory comply with a number of safety factors & industry standards, usually requiring components of their equipment to be specific material & high precision, Jinming can meet your exact needs.



Medical & Dental equipment meets a number of safety factors & industry standards, often needs components to be specific material & high precision, Jinming can meet your exact needs.



Mechanical equipment is a crucial part of many manufacturing process, our skillful and experienced engineers are capable of machining high precision components widely used for various mechanical equipment.



When you need high precision components for semiconductor equipment, Jinming is your good choice, we are delicate to provide high precision machining services from CNC machining to sheet metal fabrication, and will not let you down.



We are reliable partner when you choose supplier to provide high precision delicate components on CNC services or sheet metal fabrication used for electronic equipment, Jinming always meet or exceed your expectations.



From CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, to multiple surface finishes, Jinming is able to meet your every need when you outsource for complex components for traditional (oil & gas) or renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) applications.



Unmanned aerial vehicle requires exacting accuracy on machined components, we will get nothing less than expected when you choose Jinming as your partner.


Perfect quality system and professional quality team

Strict delivery inspection and gold medal after-sales service

Introduction To Our Quality Management

JM Precision has a professional quality team with sufficient quality personnel in all posts. Quality management personnel and quality engineers have more than 10 years of experience and specific excellent quality ability. All posts shall be trained according to the requirements, and take the post after passing the theoretical and practical assessment to ensure that the ability meets the requirements.

Quality Control Process

The quality part consists of three processes: incoming inspection, in-process inspection and warehousing & delivery inspection.

Incoming Inspection

In order to ensure that the raw materials meet the requirements, in addition to the routine inspection of material brand, heat treatment and standards, the hardness, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials will also be inspected or sent to a third party for testing.

Prevent fake and shoddy raw materials and standard parts, and conduct traceability inspection on material certificates or COC and physical objects based on lot number / batch number; Ensure the integrity of all chains of material manufacturers, distributors and agents.

In order to meet the environmental protection requirements, the supplier shall provide relevant COC certificates; Meanwhile, we regularly sends the third party for RoHS and reach tests.

In order to avoid mixing, color identification shall be carried out on the side of aluminum alloy raw materials in the warehouse to achieve visual management.

In-Process Inspection

CNC Machining Part

·In order to meet the measurement accuracy, three sets of Zeiss CMM are equipped with a minimum measurement accuracy of 0.001mm;

·In order to meet the measurement needs of large-size parts, 2 sets of Hexagon CMM are equipped ranging of 1200x900x800 mm.

·In order to meet the measurement needs of small-size parts, 8 sets of Rational Optical Imager are equipped. Measuring range: 300x200x150 mm.

·In order to improve the inspection efficiency, 2 sets of TESA Digital Altimeter are equipped with a measurement range of 0-700mm.

·In order to meet the inspection requirements of tooth holes, VTG brand and other brands of American and metric screw plug gauges, ring gauges and STI gauges are equipped.

·In order to meet the inspection requirements of fine holes, various pin gauges are equipped.

·There are also Mitutoyo Roughness Meter, caliper, micrometer, height gauge, dialgage and dial indicator.

Surface Finish Part
(Anodizing of aluminum alloy)

·In order to ensure the stability of aluminum alloy anodizing production process, it is necessary to test the current, voltage, pH value, conductivity, temperature, time, concentration and suspended impurities of each tank liquid.

·In order to ensure that the anodized oxide film of aluminum alloy meets the requirements, various performance tests need to be done, including Oxford film thickness test, Taber wear resistance test (hard anodizing), salt spray test, constant temperature and humidity test, color difference test, gloss test, color matching of standard light source, etc; All tests can meet ASTM B117 & ISO standards, or customized tests can be carried out according to customer standards.

Surface Finish Part
(painting & Powder Coating)

·In order to ensure the correct use of paint, it is necessary to manage the validity period of paint and powder; moreover, control the temperature and humidity of paint and powder warehouse is also needed.

·Kept 10,000 grade dust-free condition in painting workshop.

·In order to ensure the stability of the production process, the operation method of each coating shall be carried out according to the requirements of TDS documents, and the relevant parameters of each process shall be recorded in real time.

·In order to ensure that the sprayed film meets the requirements, relevant performance tests need to be done, such as film thickness test, hardness test (meeting ISO15184 & ASTM D 3363), adhesion test (meeting ISO2409), adhesion test (meeting ISO2431), impact test (meeting ISO6272-1), color difference test, gloss test and color matching of standard light source. All tests can meet ASTM B117 & ISO standards, or customized tests can be carried out according to customer standards.

Warehousing & Delivery Inspection

· In order to ensure the parts fully meet the requirements, a certain number of parts are sampled for 100% full dimensional inspection.

· For structural parts with special requirements, 100% material hardness and conductivity (MS / M) shall be tested.

· It is necessary to check the material certificate and surface treatment COC.

Inspection Equipment


Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

0.001 1200*900*800


Coordinate Measuing Machine (CMM) 0.001 1000*700*600 ZEISS
Coordinate Measuing Machine (CMM) 0.005 700*500 TESA
Optical Imager 0.001 300*200 Rational
Digital Altimeter 0.001 0-700 TESA
Digital Display Outside Micrometer 0.001 25-50 Mitutoyo
Pitch Micrometer 0.001 0-25 Mitutoyo
Inside Micrometer 0.001 12-16 Mitutoyo
Dial Caliper 0.02 0-150mm Mitutoyo
Vernier Angle Ruler ±2" 0-320º Mitutoyo
Desktop Hardness Tester (Rockwell) / /  
Portable Hardness Tester (Leeb) / /  
Conductivity Meter ±1% 4.5-64MS/m  
Torsion Meter / /  
Roughmeter   SJ-410  
Impact Instrument BEVS 1601 BEVS  
Film Thickness Tester MC-3000S    
Pencil Hardness Tester BEVS 1301 BEVS  
Gloss Meter NHG60 3NH  
Standard Light Source T60(4) TILO  

Quality Policy

Professional quality, professional skills, perfect products and meticulous service

JM Precision has passed ISO9001 & AS9100d quality system certification. Always take meeting customer requirements as the goal, professionalize quality and professionalize skills; Perfect products, meticulous service as the quality policy, systematically and comprehensively manage and continuously improve the quality according to the quality system, and can stably and continuously provide products that meet customer requirements.

Introduction To

Quality Control Team

JM Precision has a professional quality team with more than 50 quality inspectors, including incoming material inspectors, in-process inspectors and delivery inspectors, who can control the quality of all links and ensure the whole process traceability of the realization process of parts.

Our quality director, Mr. Ouyang Yuru, has more than 20 years of quality management experience, is proficient in AS9100, IATF16949 and ISO13485 quality management system requirements, organizes the establishment and improvement of the company's quality inspection standards and procedures, and ensures that the quality of the company's materials and finished products meets the standards and customer needs.

We strive to fulfill every promise with quality through fine testing.


Certificate Of Honor

As a modern enterprise delicate to designing and manufacturing high-precision machining products, JM Precision has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, AS9100D aviation quality management system certification, ISO environmental management system certification and a number of NADCAP special process certifications.







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